Fluentize creates modern, engaging, and interactive ESL lesson plans based on real-world videos for English language teachers with teenage or adult students.

Fluentize’s lesson plans include
activities and materials for…

  • Conversation, speaking, & discussion
  • Teaching vocabulary terms and phrases
  • Listening comprehension
  • Phrasal verbs, parts of speech, & prepositions
  • Additional speaking and writing tasks
  • Grammar & other language points
  • Quiz, review, and bonus material

“Using the Fluentize lesson plans has had
such a positive impact on my teaching career,
and my students absolutely love them.”

Tierney Larson

ESL Teacher


Our lesson materials are designed for online
learning environments and the activities come
equipped with interactive fields.

On Fluentize, we add 8 – 10 new lesson plans per month across 20+ categories!

Designed for

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Private One-One Lessons
  • Conversation Lessons
  • Small Group Lessons
  • High School Classes
  • Online Lessons
  • FCE / CAE / IELTS Exam Prep

Types of

  • Business & Career Skills
  • Instructional & How-To
  • Stories & Short Documentaries
  • Sports & Action
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Comedy & Entertainment
  • Tourism & Travel Guides
  • …and much more!

So you’re an ESL teacher.
Why use Fluentize?

Comprehensive &
Creative Lesson Activities

Everything your students need for
speaking, vocabulary, listening, grammar
and more

Student Engagement

Video is a great way to engage your students,
get them speaking, motivated to learn, and
share their opinions and experiences.

Student Growth & Progress

Our lesson plans are designed to help your
students develop their fluency, build
confidence, and improve multiple areas of
their language skills.

Natural & Real English

Doing lessons with your students based on real-
world videos gives students the chance to hear
how native speakers use the language in
practical situations.

Explore the Outside World

Provide your students not only with linguistic education from
the lessons, but also education about things going on in the
world beyond the classroom. Explore diverse points of view,
interesting questions, and have fun discussions.

Stories from Fluentizers

Read what teachers are saying about Fluentize!

“Fluentize provides great and thorough lesson plans – some of the best I’ve seen. If you’re a busy teacher like me, looking for engaging and well-structured lesson plans, check out FLUENTIZE! You and your students are going to love it! I couldn’t recommend it more!”

Eliane Susin


“I love incorporating video into my lessons so I downloaded a free lesson plan to try and was impressed by how comprehensive it is. It contains not only vocabulary and grammar exercises taught and practiced through a variety of activities to make learning fun, but the design of the worksheet is awesome. All in all it was a great lesson and resulted in tons of talking time from my student. I will definitely be downloading more lesson plans from Fluentize. Thank you guys for taking ESL beyond textbooks and into the real world."

Olga Kunikova